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Responsive Web Design Is A Must In Today’s Market

Have you been surprised at the level of navigation difficulty you encountered when visiting a particular website on your tablet or smartphone? Were you aggravated by content that was all over the place – without any rhyme or reason to the structure? If it’s happened to you, what would be your description of the experience you had using the particular website?

No doubt you would give it a very poor mark, and with good reason.

What was the problem behind the failure of the website?
The problem is a simple one; the website developers did not take steps to ensure that the content was also compatible when viewed on devices with smaller screens. For us web designers, we clearly understand where they slipped up; they didn’t use Responsive Web Design.

When we use the term Responsive Web Design, we are referring to a modern and innovative approach to web design. It is an approach that focuses on making sites which provide a great viewing experience regardless of the screen size. In simple terms, it means that the website is just as motivational, easy-to-navigate and impressive when viewed on a small screen as it would be when viewed on a larger screen.

Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

  • Provides a user experience which is of exceptional quality regardless of the device screen size in use at the time.
  • Time and cost efficient. You don't need to put finance into creating a number of websites, rather you cut your costs and produce one incredible site that is compatible with all devices.
  • Gives a site which stays current for longer. When the market creates a new device, there is no need to create a new website since responsive websites give the correct comparability across the range of devices.

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