Virtual Assistants: Making Your
Business Life A Tad Easier

What We Can Do For You

Internet Research, Data Compilation And Presentation

We conduct in-depth internet research, gathering any kind of information on any service or product. We conduct market research and or product research collecting manufacturer’s contact information and other pertinent information. Thereafter we compile and present the finding in various document types, including Google docs, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, or CRM, ensuring you get actionable information.

CMS And CRM Support

We work with CRM’s such as Salesforce, Zoho, Rentmanager, PropertyWare among others to manage customer relations for our clients. In this regard, services in this section include data/lead entry into the CRMs, setting up reminders, making calls, sending emails, setting up follow-ups, and preparing invoices.

Administration And Personal Assistance

This service is designed to help business owner and managers manage their enterprises much better. It involves preparing quotes, managing files and projects, updating your calendar, managing social media presence, transcription, setting up meetings, making reservations, making travel plans, and any other administrative work.

Customer Support

Our customer service is geared towards ensuring that businesses provide stellar customer experience, thus enhancing customer loyalty. The service entails handling of all emails, online chats, help desk inquiries as well as web app initiated communications. Our customer support services are scalable, thus making it easy to adjust to your specific needs as your business grows. However, we are not providing call center services at this time.

Back Office Support

This service is designed to make back office processes management a tad easier. We support businesses with content development and moderation, brand recognition building, marketing campaigns, and many other back office activities. We serve a wide array of businesses of different sizes.

Scheduling Management

This service is designed to make communication between clients and customers as efficient as possible. We thus return customer calls and emails, manage lists, conduct follow-ups, manage email subscription, and any other communication activity.

Virtual Assistants: Making Your Business Life A Tad Easier

We are the new kid on the block and aim to shake up the industry, and here’s how.

First, as a small business entrepreneurs running multiple companies, let me first tell you that we have personally used virtual assistant services for over a decade to run our businesses, so we know some of the pain that comes with finding, interviewing, training and retaining great help. By going through the school of hard knocks, we have obtained some invaluable learning experiences and the all-important intricate knowledge of the virtual assistant (VA) industry.

And I will tell you, a lot of what we found, isn’t pretty. It was saddening to find that a majority of the Virtual Assistant firms out there are nothing more than modern day sweat shops running their labor to the bone for wages far below poverty level. Because of these environments, labor turnover is the norm, so as soon as you get your virtual assistant(s) trained, they leave and you have to start all over again. And to make matters worse, because of the environment that is created with many of these companies, there is little loyalty from the employer and the VA’s, so client data safety and security is jeopardized. These are only a few of the dirty little secrets we learned about the industry and all that goes behind the scenes of this business.

So, let me start by saying we are a United States based company in the Houston Texas area and we screen, hire and train only the most qualified candidates and take extremely good care of them, not only in pay, but in work environment, work hours and on going support. We incorporate industry leading standards that we have refined over the years to ensure that we render high-quality virtual assistance services and reduce the frequent turnover that other firms incur.

Our personnel are continuously trained on emerging technology and better methods of performing their duties, which means they remain the best at their craft. Moreover, to ensure the safety and security of our clients’ data, all our assistant work from our offices (we do not hire freelancers). Thus our clients can rest assured that their data is secure and in good hands.

Whether you are looking for a long-term assistance solution or just help in a one-time project, we are ready and willing to serve you. We will work with dedication to add value to your business, and help you to save money and time. Ultimately, we help you to be able to focus more on growing your business and let us support you with the ‘little things’.

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