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We start with you, your goals, ambitions, and your commitment to growing your business and your income. We then craft a plan to get you there quickly and safely. Reasonable expectations are set, met, and hopefully exceeded.

True Partners

We are 100% committed to only taking on those clients we know will get a significant ROI from our work together, and you are never locked into extended contracts. We earn it every month

We’ve formed a culture where our customers are taken on as partners and friends. For this reason, we simply can’t take on everyone that wants our services. Although we don’t believe in long-term contracts, we must insist on a certain level of commitment before we begin work. There has got to be an element of trust once we start working together. SEO properly applied, works every time and is enormously profitable, but it’s not a quick fix or for those that want to get rich quick. Our SEO is for those that are building something meaningful

The Owners

We are the owners- Brant Phillips & Jamie Boudreaux– and we come at your marketing opportunities from two angles- Discovery & Conversion.

Brant is an expert at Authority Building and Branding- Jamie is your SEO expert (the guy that gets you in front of your customers on all the major search engines).

Brant Phillips is a native of the Dallas area and has been a successful entrepreneur in the Houston area for over 10 years. He is married and has 5 beautiful children- 4 with his wife Tara (you may want to not include her name) and a baby they adopted at the end of 2016.

Brant honed his marketing chops on his own businesses over that time and has learned at the feet of internationally recognized marketing guru- Jack Mize. Brant also worked with the Houston Police Department for 6 years prior to his entrepreneurial days.

Jamie Boudreaux is a native of Louisiana and has been in the Houston area since 2004 (Nothing to do with Katrina). Jamie is married to his wife of 6 years- Meredith- and they have 3 beautiful children together- including twin boys.

Jamie spent 20 years as an RN and began dipping his toe into online marketing a little over 4 years ago to try to earn extra money for his growing family. Here we are in 2017 and Jamie has multiple websites ranked on page 1 in multiple cities around the US and even in Canada. To keep up with the ever-changing landscape of online marketing and SEO, he also belongs to a very active community of the best SEO’s from around the world and pays thousands of dollars yearly to further his education and expertise. Jamie was honorably discharged from the Louisiana National Guard in March of 1993 with the rank of Staff Sergeant after 6 years of service.

What Now

If any of this sounds good to you- we may be a fit. If you are ready to genuinely explore your marketing opportunities, the best thing to do is go on over to our Discovery page and fill in the information honestly and completely. For more general questions you can fill in our simple contact form or give us a call. Either way, you will go away having a much better understanding of your potential online market and revenue.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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