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How Can SEO Grow My Business?

Customers by the thousands are searching Google for businesses just like yours every month

Many thousands of online searches for local services and products are made every month in cities large and small.

Over 90% of online searches never make it to page 2 of Google…It pays to be on page 1


We Go Where Your Customers Are

The fact is that business will be conducted online at an ever-increasing rate, in fact, the online searches for business are increasing at about 125% annually. Yet, 90% of these searches never make it past page 1 to find a business to work with.


You’re Being Left Behind

The average business has only a website and no idea why they have it or what to do with it. They may not have even heard of SEO, much less are they actually paying someone to do it professionally for them. Don’t be that business, get in touch with a professional SEO agency and get in the game

The Bad🙁

The Bad News is you’re likely late to the game and there are literally only room for 10 players on page 1 of Google. Your competition is already there, most of them with a well thought out marketing strategy in place, and building there authority and presence in front of your customers. They are going to be hard, but definitely not impossible to catch.

Waiting only makes it harder and more expensive.

The Good🙂

The Good News is it’s not too late to get started. Those businesses that make the leap now to build their online presence and prepare for their digital future will be in position to dominate the competition for years to come.

You will achieve “Top Of Mind” status while your competitors are wondering what hit them.

“Jamie and his team treated my business success like it was theirs. He’s so confident and knowledgeable about local seo that I couldn’t help but to have the same confidence. He delivered my rankings when he said he would and increased traffic to my website tremendously. Can’t recommend Boudreaux Marketing enough.”

(John Brand)

Having professional SEO services takes the guess work out of a very broad subject

A Professional SEO Services Agency


A Trusted Partner

Your Success Before Our Success. The only metric or KPI we use is whether or not we grow your business through our SEO campaigns and that you get a significant ROI from our work together. We have open communication and provide a lot of information up-front, but feel free to hit us up with questions or concerns.


Building Your Base

We’ll ensure that you have a strong digital foundation in the eyes of Google and your customers. Your website will be structured in a way that makes sense to Google and provides value to your visitors.

An Effective Approach

a hands off solution for you

pay per click

Search Engine Optimization

the power of search marketing

Leveraging the power of Google traffic for your benefit



Web Design

We give you

a professional and functional website that tells your customers you are ready for business and can be trusted time and again


The Real Marketing Results System

web design research

We listen &

web design image

We research & Plan

web audit image

We execute, adjust, and deliver

Building Your Brand = Building Your Business

Let’s face it, people do business with people they trust. So it’s essential for your business to develop the “Know, Like & Trust” relationship with your potential customers. We can help you build your brand and help your clients more easily find you on the web and gain exposure to your message, products, and services.


An SEO Company On Your Side

At Real Marketing Results, we understand how confusing the world of Google and online marketing can be for the average business owner or entrepreneur, and that you may question if local SEO is really the right fit for your business. When it comes to the massive profits possible from having your website found on top of page 1 of Google, the cat is out of the bag. The fact is 96% of consumers search for businesses online, and the majority of consumers are not searching for a business name- they are searching for the service or product that business sells. Because of this, competition is fierce for online rankings and you need someone on your side to help you navigate the challenging waters of online marketing. Truth is, search engine optimization or search engine marketing may not be what your business needs and there may be better alternatives, and that’s where we come in. We’re not here to sell you anything you don’t need or won’t seriously help you grow your business. What we will do is listen. We listen to your challenges, your goals, and your questions. The Real Marketing Results team sincerely wants to help you make the best decision for yourself, your business, and your family’s future. Whether we decide to work together or not, we have no doubt you will gain valuable insight into your potential profits from digital marketing.

Some Facts About SEO For Your Business

The first thing you should know is that you may be losing money, a lot of it.

As we mentioned earlier, potential customers that don’t know you are only going to type “keyword + city”, or some close variation to find someone to do business with when they’re in need. If your website isn’t at the top of page 1 of Google when this happens, you’re out of luck. No chance for them to see your website, see your phone number, read about your business, read about you, or give you a call so you can make the sell. GONE- your competitor that’s already sitting there has already grabbed them up and has a chance to make a lifelong customer. It’s not a fair fight if you don’t even show up.

The second thing you should know is that help isn’t so far away. In Real Marketing Results, you’ve found a partner that can quickly and safely get you to the top of Google and the other major search engines to get your chance to sell. This is what our team is built for.

How Search Engine Optimization Benefits Your Business

Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to an online marketing technique that improves your search engine rankings over the course of months, which increases a business’ visibility to a specifically targeted group of customers. Organic, or non-paid, search engine ranking methods are used to drive targeted traffic to your website, where You start a conversation with your potential customer and get a chance to make a sale.

Not Just Another SEO Expert

The world of search engine marketing is complex and ever-changing. It requires a search engine optimisation expert to navigate the challenging waters that stand between your business and the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. As search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to think like a human and provide a better experience for the end user, they are getting better at spotting and penalizing spammy techniques. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Real Marketing Results ranking methods have ranked and are currently ranking thousands of keywords on the top of page 1 of Google. When you partner with us, you are also partnering with a community of the best SEO’s and online marketers in the world. We not only gain expertise from working on our websites and our client’s websites, we belong to groups of the best SEO’s and online marketers from nearly every continent.

Working with us, you will now have access to extremely large data samples of search engine rankings and methods. We know what has always worked, what is working and what is not working. We rank safely and quickly.

Best of all, we take out all the risks for you. No long-term contracts, only ROI. We work on your behalf on a month to month basis- where we have to show consistent improvement to earn your continued business. We would have it no other way. We don’t believe you should have to pay anyone that’s not getting you results.

Hiring an SEO Consultant That Understands Local Business

Jamie, Brant, and the team at Real Marketing Results have proven ourselves as one of the top SEO companies. Jamie is the lead SEO consultant, while Brant is the marketing veteran with the savvy necessary to help businesses realize success. Your online marketing plan is always custom built to meet your goals and needs. There is no cookie-cutter digital marketing solution that fits all businesses. Your return on investment is always at the center of our planning. Because, at heart, we are a results based marketing firm, we will not take on a client unless we are certain we can not only meet, but exceed your marketing and revenue goals.

The humble professionals at Real Marketing Results offer only results driven services, all of which are designed to put your company on top. We take a deep, surgical look at how companies in the area are “winning,” – what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

Real Marketing Results uses SEO and related tactics that set your business up for years of continued success. Short-term solutions are just that—short-term. Our preferred method, on the other hand, keeps working until we get the results our customers deserve, and we don’t stop there. We want your business to become a staple of your community, not just another struggling company.

Building links is building relationships at Real Marketing Results. We promise always to go the extra mile for our customers, from consistent lines of communication to results-based marketing efforts. If you are looking to increase your ROI, brand awareness, and ultimately your lifestyle goals, look no further.

Contact us at Real Marketing Results today to get started on your profitable online marketing journey.

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Featured Articles
Brant PhillipsBrant Phillips
Boudreaux Marketing is the Real Deal! Jamie has been helping us with SEO and online Marketing for many years and he's always over delivered in service and results. Highly Recommended!
Scott PatonScott Paton
The team at Boudreaux Marketing flat out deliver. Jamie is a delight to work with. He spelled out exactly what I would be getting, why I would be getting it, and when I would be getting it. He explained everything with endless patience for my questions. It's good to be in the hands of a professional. Call them for any SEO and marketing projects.
Chris AdkinsChris Adkins
Boudreaux Marketing has made me a believer in SEO! At first I thought surely they were like every other marketing company, making promises they couldn't keep and just trying to get to me to part with my money. Now, I KNOW they generate REAL tangible leads. We're getting leads almost daily as a result of their marketing methods!
Chris BChris B
Through Brants coaching, I have learned practical strategies for acquiring and profiting through real estate.I would highly recommend Brant Phillips and his team for real estate and life coaching. They take a no nonsense approach. If you have a thin skin, Brant is not for you. If you want to level up, this man can help you do it.I appreciate how I can approach him or his team about any topic and they are not holding out or trying to pitch a product.This man is a doer and can help you take the steps you need to be a master ...
John BrandJohn Brand
Jamie and his team treated my business success like it was theirs. He's so confident and knowledgeable about local seo that I couldn't help but to have the same confidence. He delivered my rankings when he said he would and increased traffic to my website tremendously. Can't recommend Boudreaux Marketing enough.

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